Best Betting Sites Without Gam stop

Gam stop refers to a self-control mechanism by gambler to seclude themselves from betting activities due to a number of reasons. It is free of charge and immediately a user signs up they are automatically blocked from all non gam stop sites. It allows users to select the period within which they should be unable to access gambling sites which can either be half a year, a full year or half a decade and even if they want to cancel they cannot since the system has already taken in their personal and financial information and the only way of stopping its work is by contacting the firm either by a call or mail. In case you are able to g through the selected period the ban on gambling sites will still remain until you contact them to lift it. The main advantage is that it cuts down on the probability of addiction as well as preventing overspending on bets. The only problem that occurs is that some sites may not actually accept you back after the exclusion period forcing betters to seek new casinos or betting sites. Here are some of the sites that are non-gam stop;

  • Bronze Casino
  • Bet swagger
  • Napoli Casino
  • Play hub Casino
  • Classy slots
  • Tiger Casino
  • Cash Spins Casino
  • Conquestador
  • Club Lounge Casino
  • Majesty slots
  • Madam Chance
  • Split Aces
  • Spin Up
  • Stay Lucky Partners
  • Fugaso
  • NextGen
  • Playson
  • Mr Slotty
  • Betsoft
  • Booming Games

Most betters have a phobia for sites that are non gam stop and this fear has led to non-gam stop sites to up their game by providing both normal bets and in play bets, a number if not all the bets offered by normal sites, have no problem with punters from around the world since they also account for bonuses and benefits even in foreign currencies .An issue from this is that is builds on the problem of gambling addiction as no protection is offered to gambling addicts that would have been at the fore front of Gam stop sites. I see the look you have a long face ad who wouldn’t, the issue with access to Gam stop sites is that once you access them and make use them and after a while decide to take a break no bookie will want to touch you ever again and this in itself is the deal breaker causing most punters to seek out non-Gam stop sites. The move is highly disadvantageous for Brits since sites blocked by Gam stop do not have any of the local transaction platforms making it difficult and complex to use them. In most cases international betting sites are not on Gam stop.

Another fear would definitely be whether a punter’s favorite support or their preferred sport for betting is featured in non gam stop sites. Here are some of the sports that are features by non-gam stop sites.

BetVictor Sportsbook Review – What Awaits You in 2018

Formerly known as Victor Chandler International, BetVictor Ltd. was established in 1946. While this was way back before the age of the Internet, this family-established-and-managed business became one of the largest sportsbook service providers we know of today. With customers in over 150 countries, this UK established, Gibraltar-based company continues to be the prime choice for many punters.

What Promotions Can You Expect at This Sportsbook

The bonus scheme at BetVictor is present and available for all customers; punters now have the chance of claiming their very own £10 free bet on almost any event as a complimentary BetVictor sports sign up offer. To claim your free bet of up to £40, all you would need to do is place a qualifying bet of £10 on any sportsmarket that features odds or evens of 2.00. Bear in mind, that this offer will be viable only seven days after you open an account, so if you decide to opt-in, act swiftly.

Special Offers Are Also Present

There are three other extras a punter can benefit. Under the section button “offers” you will discover items such as “best odds on racing, automatic cash refund, and 5-fold insurance. Every single one of those offers are market-specific; for example, the cash refund. The first two offers apply only to horse racing. Best odds give you the opportunity to receive a larger-than-your-starting-price reward, if you have a winning selection. Players that have qualifying bets that have partially or completely cashed out, won’t be eligible for this offer.

The Automatic Cash Refund

BetVictor gives punter the chance to regain all losing bets in cash, on Irish and British racing horses that have lost their chances at the stalls, failed to come out or whip around at the start. No matter how good statistics a horse might have, there is always a chance that the animal can get startled during the beginning of the race, resulting in a lot of “sure” bet losses. BetVictor has certainly taken this fact into consideration, therefore creating the “run for your money” offer.

The ACCA Insurance Is a Bonus on Its Own

For the punters that enjoy placing bets on any football event, the Acca insurance is something that will grant a punter up to £10 refund for a single losing selection. The bonus funds are credited not long after a bet has been settled, and also comes with its own requirements; it has to be used within 3 days, it will only return profit that exceeds a punter’s total stake, and it can be placed only on Football with Five Folds or higher on any other selected market.

Bonus Restrictions are a Bit Stiff

If you’re planning on getting your very own welcome offer, bear in mind that there are a few requirements you would have to fulfil prior to claiming any promotional funds. Users are restricted from benefiting, if they: have made deposits through Skrill, Neteller, or Paysafe; are from a list of banned countries; reside within a government where gambling is illegal; or have qualifying bets that are fully or partially cashed out.

This Sportsbook is Licensed and Regulated

The UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar both provide the licenses and legal recognition to BetVictor’s provided services. The Gibraltar authority grants the sportsbook rights to undertake remote gambling, online casino services, fixed odds betting, and host an online casino environment. While this is simple enough, the UK legal authorities give BetVictor the right to host and provide betting on virtual events, operate a casino or provide facilities to host betting games.

How is the Mobile App

One of the most remarkable features of the BetVictor sportsbook, is its mobile application. Praised by many punters for its smooth functionality, usefulness, and simple design, the app’s non-beta version is available… only to iOS users. Punters using iPhones will be the only targeted audience able to place their wagers on preferred betting lines, request markets, enjoy a Horse Racing streaming service, and much more.

Here is where it gets tricky with Android devices; BetVictor has released a mobile sportsbook version for the PlayStore; however, it is designated as “beta” and judging from the title and description, punters will be able to place their bets only on Football and Horse Racing. While the latest version has been updated recently, the public has expressed their concern with the lack of detail and statistics.

Where to find betting tips for today and tomorrow

If you have extra money and want to place a bet or simply want to travel a safer path in search of winnings, you can use a specialized site to find free betting tips that will help you select the best options available through different bookmakers. Not all services are the same, so pay attention when looking for the best results.

Making sports bets always carry a risk and that is why the degree of emotion in each event is remarkable, but the knowledge will lead you to a good analysis of each bet and that will give you better chances to win. The same thing you do when you ask your most knowledgeable friends or listen to the most popular media punters, you can also do it with a specialized online service.

There are currently sites on free betting tips that offer what they are the best betting options of the day, with updated data and accurate odds of the most popular bookies in the industry. This information serves as an excellent guide, either to strictly follow the tips in search of promising bets or only as a support to make your own decisions.

Some of the no-cost prediction sites and daily recommendation services are as follows:

These sites are easy to follow and present you with the most interesting sports bets, with dedicated sections for the most important events of today, tomorrow, and the weekend. By browsing through the segments of each website you can check valuable data such as statistics related to each event, specific forecasts and bookmaker recommendations with the best available odds.

Benefits of free betting tips for today

The advantage of betting tips for today, tomorrow or this weekend, is very obvious, as they will serve as a guide to know what are the best odds and the best decisions you can make in search of winnings. As these pages are updated daily, the data analysis is fresh and considers the latest information available to offer you the best betting selections. As you already know, betting is not an exact science but a mixture of skills, knowledge, and luck. Therefore, the percentage of effectiveness of these recommendations is variable. You cannot expect 100% success in predictions, so you must not blindly trust what these platforms say.


Betting on politics is quite thrilling, and if you get it right, you will head home with winnings that are sure to leave a mark on your account. Politics is an exciting journey with many twists and turns, and you never know what is set to happen in the future. Every minute counts and with social media ablaze with news on the contestants, being in the know has never been easier. You get to be part of the democratic process while staking and hoping for a win.

When did this all start?

Well, it may seem like a new thing that has taken the market by a storm, political betting has been around for centuries. The story goes that merchants were busy betting on King Edward VI’s succession at the time of his death. This practice went on into the start of the twentieth century; people bet on political outcomes in their nations. On to the ’60s, people heavily bet on the Conservative Leadership Campaign, setting the pace for the political betting sites that we have to this day.


Politics is much unlike football or other such sports in that it is highly unpredictable. Yes, money may be streaming into a party from thousands of donors, but that has little effect on the outcome. One wrong remark, one wrong move, and the party will lose. With this unpredictability, bookmakers can offer attractive odds to bettors who can then make good money from these events.

What’s more interesting is the length of these activities. You can start betting on your preferred candidate years in advance as you edge closer to the day of reckoning. As such, the total number of bets is usually very high at the time of the elections. And so is the possible winning. As the day draws near, bookmakers get more information from polls and pundits, and this lowers the odds. Thus, if you want to make good money, be sure to get involved from the early stages.


You can bet on a lot when it comes to politics. You can choose to back a candidate, or you could widen your chances by wagering on a party. Additionally, you can work with regions and select what party will have the lion’s share. Where there is a coalition government, you can bet on who will take over the prime minister’s role.

Where you feel confident in the outcome, why not bet on how many seats a party will fill? Or guess who will lead a party. Plus, you can leave the politicians out of it and focus on the voters. How many people will come out to vote? Which party will garner the most support?

The good thing with political betting is that it takes place even when general elections are not in play. Thus, you can bet on the outcome of a referendum or any other activity that takes place in-between. Betting on Brexit is also a great idea in this regard.