Betting on politics is quite thrilling, and if you get it right, you will head home with winnings that are sure to leave a mark on your account. Politics is an exciting journey with many twists and turns, and you never know what is set to happen in the future. Every minute counts and with social media ablaze with news on the contestants, being in the know has never been easier. You get to be part of the democratic process while staking and hoping for a win.

When did this all start?

Well, it may seem like a new thing that has taken the market by a storm, political betting has been around for centuries. The story goes that merchants were busy betting on King Edward VI’s succession at the time of his death. This practice went on into the start of the twentieth century; people bet on political outcomes in their nations. On to the ’60s, people heavily bet on the Conservative Leadership Campaign, setting the pace for the political betting sites that we have to this day.


Politics is much unlike football or other such sports in that it is highly unpredictable. Yes, money may be streaming into a party from thousands of donors, but that has little effect on the outcome. One wrong remark, one wrong move, and the party will lose. With this unpredictability, bookmakers can offer attractive odds to bettors who can then make good money from these events.

What’s more interesting is the length of these activities. You can start betting on your preferred candidate years in advance as you edge closer to the day of reckoning. As such, the total number of bets is usually very high at the time of the elections. And so is the possible winning. As the day draws near, bookmakers get more information from polls and pundits, and this lowers the odds. Thus, if you want to make good money, be sure to get involved from the early stages.


You can bet on a lot when it comes to politics. You can choose to back a candidate, or you could widen your chances by wagering on a party. Additionally, you can work with regions and select what party will have the lion’s share. Where there is a coalition government, you can bet on who will take over the prime minister’s role.

Where you feel confident in the outcome, why not bet on how many seats a party will fill? Or guess who will lead a party. Plus, you can leave the politicians out of it and focus on the voters. How many people will come out to vote? Which party will garner the most support?

The good thing with political betting is that it takes place even when general elections are not in play. Thus, you can bet on the outcome of a referendum or any other activity that takes place in-between. Betting on Brexit is also a great idea in this regard.

Best political betting sites


With up to fifty pounds available in bonuses, this is an excellent site to play a wager on your favorite parties and contestants. The bonus expires seven days after registration and terms and conditions apply.

888 Sport

Bet ten pounds and win up to thirty pounds thanks to the free bets promotion available using the existing codes. This offer is only available to new customers who put up a minimum of ten pounds. Terms and conditions apply.


If you put up ten pounds, you get ten pounds in free bets as a new customer. Terms and conditions apply.

Other excellent sites include but are not limited to Mansion Bet, BetRegal, FansBet and Genting Bet. All the best of luck!

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